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BAIGCRAFTS® is a part of the large import/export company with a rich history, founded as BAIGSONS INTERNATIONAL that was previously known as AL-MUNAWWAR ENTERPRISES. Since its inception in 1972, AL-MUNAWWAR ENTERPRISES kept its operations small scale and slowly but surely the company steadily grew over time. The year 1986 ultimately saw the company’s first major transition from AL-MUNAWWAR ENTERPRISES to BAIGSONS INTERNATIONAL. The company expanded its operations over various booming market industries under the trustful patronage of Mr. Anwar Saeed Baig, the current CEO of the company. His dedication saw the company trade actively on the international front in a host of different products including hand knotted oriental carpets, handicrafts, sports good and sportswear, surgical instruments. BAIGSONS, during this golden period, developed strong professional relationships with its business associates around the world, particularly United Kingdom, France, Germany and Croatia.

With a robust foundation and proud background, BAIGCRAFTS® was formed in 1995 considering a vibrant handicrafts industry with multiplying demand across the borders. The retail outlet, enjoying perfect placement within 16 kilometers driving distance from the federation capital of Pakistan, developed and progressed rapidly forging a reputable name in the handicrafts market. Much of our business rests on a flourishing tourism industry catering to the keen interest shown in our products by the foreign travelers. BAIGCRAFTS®, sticking firmly to its vision, has materialized a large foreign clientele contributing towards increased local culture awareness across continents.On 27th March 2006 a general meeting of Baigsons International Advisory Council was called to discuss and approve induction of Mr Masood Anwar Baig & Madam Noshaba Parveen as partners with immediate effect  to assist,explore and expand business in and out of country. 

During the recent several years, due to political instability and severe security concerns, tourism has suffered the most with a direct adverse effect on the handicrafts business. With foreigners reluctant to travel to Pakistan, the demand/supply has gone from bad to worse over time resulting in diminishing market, with only a handful of companies surviving the turmoil. Enduring this time of crisis, BAIGCRAFTS® has sustained the external pressures, relying on its deep-rooted international business associations and exporting Pakistan culture through these handcrafts all over the world including USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Jordan, Syria and Sri Lanka.

Having stood the test of time, BAIGCRAFTS® now looks forward to new horizons with a rejuvenated spirit and renewed mission. Guided by advanced technology, we have taken our company online and introduced new systems and structures to support our handicrafts export business. BAIGCRAFTS® aims to revive the handicrafts industry in Pakistan, promoting the better and much unrevealed side of the local culture. Amid the crisis, we envision a better future for Pakistan and believe in the inevitability of the industry’s progress, led by our unmatched passion and relentless efforts for its betterment.

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Mr.Anwar Saeed Baig


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Representative in Australia at 1A Castlereagh Court, Lenah Valley Hobart, Tasmania, Postal Code 7008

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Representative in Europe based at Reading Berks England

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